Asterousia: God's

Asterousia: God's "gift" to man

A magical wandering through the beauties of Crete

The Asterousia mountain range is the southernmost mountain range of Crete, Greece and the whole of Europe. Its borders extend from Matala to the Anapodaris river and constitute the natural border of Mesara and South Cretan seas. The area combines wild nature with peace of mind and absolute tranquility. This oxymoron combination creates a magical, almost fairy-tale effect and justifies the majority of visitors, who believe that the most beautiful landscapes and the best beaches of Crete can be found here.

Their highest peak is Kofinas, with an altitude of 1231 meters. The soil in the area of Asterousia is dry and the vegetation is limited. However, there are oases of coolness, with small rivers, fresh waters, small and large waterfalls that cross the sharp rocks and create a magical, almost unreal effect. In fact, the second largest waterfall in Greece is located in the area, in the Abba gorge. These landscapes are framed by small or larger canyons that challenge you to approach them and explore them, following the paths masterfully designed by nature.

Visitors also have the option of choosing between countless beaches, which are offered either for recreation or for exploring their seabed. Diving lovers will definitely add a favorite destination to their "quiver", as in addition to the natural beauty of the seabed, they will have the opportunity to discover submerged remains of archaeological interest, while the underwater caves will give them unparalleled images and experiences.

Regarding the flora and fauna of the place, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the contribution of Asterousia to the preservation of the biodiversity of the entire Mediterranean is of the utmost importance. After all, there are several areas that have been declared protected by the Natura network. Countless rare, protected animals also live there. So visitors, with a bit of luck, might catch a glimpse of the majestic vulture, loggerhead turtles, monachus monachus seals and playful dolphins leaping against the orange sky at sunset. 

But apart from the natural beauty of the landscapes, which is non-negotiable, Asterousia is also one of the biggest strongholds of asceticism and one of the most important centers of orthodoxy. This is how the numerous temples are justified, which are located in secret or more obvious places and are offered for prayer and worship.  

In any case, the experience of Asterousia remains unforgettable for all visitors who, most of the time, are not satisfied with a single visit, but wish to return to this magical place, to relive moments of carefree and relaxation.